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All students study a selection of texts from either Section A or Section B. You then select three other Sections including either A or B for further study. Two supervisions are devoted to each Section selected; the final two supervisions are devoted to revision. In the exam you answer three questions, at least one of which must be taken from Section A or Section B.

A specimen question paper can be seen here.

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Sections A and B focus on ideas about the meaning of history and on theories of culture and society. Section C concentrates on the history of German philhellenism and the significance of Greek antiquity for debates about national identity between and Section D explores the growing interest in the German past after about , in particular the role of 'Hermann the German', the Middle Ages, and the Reformation as sites of collective memory and national myth- making.

Section F looks at the debates about German identity in both East and West Germany after and at their role in the political and cultural life of the Germans since reunification in The paper offers the opportunity to study texts and ideas which are of political, social and cultural rather than purely literary significance. We assume no prior knowledge of history, merely an interest in exploring the intellectual debates that have accompanied the cultural and political development of modern Germany. Berger, Germany.

Flitner and K.

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Giel Darmstadt, , vol. II, pp. Fuhrmann ed. Marx Leipzig, , vol. Cancik, Nietzsches Antike Stuttgart, , ch. Silk and J. Stern, Nietzsche on Tragedy Cambridge, , ch. Murray, 'Introduction', in: J. Burckhardt, The Greeks and Greek Civilization, ed. Gildenhard and M.

Ruehl eds.

Hildebrandt, 'Einleitung', in: Platon: Der Staat, ed. Horneffer and K. Hildebrandt [] Stuttgart, , pp. Januar ', in: O.

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Wilhelm Von Humboldt’s Contribution to a Theory of Bildung | SpringerLink

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