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  4. For a start, it's not Yoda. But you knew that, right?

I really enjoyed the charactes and the story line and I hope there will be a sequel to this story. Dec 19, Aimee Ford rated it did not like it Shelves: attempted-but-abandoned. Sometimes, sneaking a peak at the ending before making it all the way to chapter two can be a Godsend. I don't care if I'm missing the whole point of the story when I say: Blah. Dec 28, Brittney Fischer rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

I liked this book better than I thought I would, but it still only gets 3 stars because it went back and forth between being a bit cheesy and corny to being pretty good. Once I thought I was really getting into it, I'd end up rolling my eyes or chuckling at something that I thought was silly and Also, I'm not a fan of the "I just got off my surf board" kind of look.

I found myself wanting to finish whatever I was doing around the house so I could get back to my kindle and see what was going to happen next. And I do plan on reading the next one when it comes out this summer. The author did a great job of describing halos. The different colors, and how they moved around each person. I love that Alex, the protagonist has the ability to see halos and that she can tell how good or bad other people are or rather, their goodness vs.

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I'm hoping for more details in the next book, and be warned, this one does not have a very happy ending and it does get into some dark subject matter. Jul 21, Kitty Honeycutt rated it it was amazing. I am now seeking the rest of the series that I know this book must belong to. Carey Corp is a fantastic writer with the ability to write a story without worrying about taking chances with her characters.

By the way I couldn't help but picture Lucas Till as Gabriel, keep that in mind for a movie deal! So many authors are afraid if they allow characters that their readers truly love to end up having an outcome that is not such a happy ending that they will lose the interest of their followers. I for one adore writers that are not afraid to put the lives of their characters on the line for the greater good of a story and I feel that Carey Corp is definitely one of these writers.

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I would recommend these books for not only teens but adults as well, this story captured me and held me until the very end and I can honestly say Carey Corp has become a favorite of mine from this moment on. Jul 07, Antionette rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy , paranormal. I had to finish spending lots of time with my hands covering my eyes. Remember back when the Twilight movie debuted and lots of screaming little 'tweens were lining up to see it?

There was an article on Yahoo, explaining to the mothers of these little balls of quaking hormones, how to explain the Unreality of the movie and storyline Personally, I have no idea what this vampire dude did during the book or the film because.. I never read the books nor saw the movies! Anywho, these little, Twilight warnings kept popping into my head as I read The Guardian..

I mean, sigh It was a good concept, great idea, but so I mean, really I won't be finishing the series. Aug 09, Chrissy rated it liked it.

Guardian Angel

Not exactly what I was expecting. It was still a good read. I got enough into it that I cried at one point in the book. Aug 16, Koolkobo rated it it was ok. Rating: 2. I had high hopes for this book. I haven't read many books featuring angels and have been meaning to read this for a while, but was a little disappointed. I think that maybe I waited too long to read it, if I had been , I might have enjoyed it, but at 18, I found it too cheesy.

I don't think Corp is a bad writer, it's just that I don't feel like she conveyed all the Rating: 2. I don't think Corp is a bad writer, it's just that I don't feel like she conveyed all the characters realistically. I liked Alexia most of the time , Derry and what little we did learn about Becke and Jonah, but Gabe I get that he's eternal, an angel and whatever, but he's in a 16 year old's body. Nothing that came out of his mouth remotely reflected his age. He was too perfect, too righteous, too romantic to the point where I found myself cringing a bit every time he professed his love to Alex.

Don't get me wrong, I love a bit of romance, but I felt like Corp made that the focus, and because I didn't fully believe the insta-love story, this was definitely a downside to her book. Another down point is that I would have liked to have learnt more about angels, what Gabe did in his previous lives and what Alex's powers were actually meant to be for.


Corp doesn't really delve into this a lot. Alex's supposed to be some powerful chosen-one, but until the second to last chapter, she is entirely powerless and always dependent on Gabe. I felt like the supernatural element to the book was more of an afterthought because, although frequently described, the halo-thing wasn't really developed. There were some dark elements in this book to do with abuse, which I understand is sometimes necessary to write about, but they felt slightly misplaced in this book because of how unbelievable the other elements i.

I'm not entirely sure which age group I'd recommend this to, because the themes of abuse are blunt no sugar-coating , but yet at the same time, I fell like only a younger audience could tolerate the amount of cheesy romance in this Back to Alex, I said that I liked her most of the time, however, sometimes she irritated me.

I don't feel like she developed as character. She doesn't become a better or stronger person, if anything she becomes worse. She becomes increasingly dependent on Gabe who personally I found was more clingy and possessive than cute and protective.

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Right now, I'm not sure if I'll read the second book presuming there is one. Mar 29, Jodie Allen rated it liked it. I actually got this book after having it mistaken for another one I was supposed to get. And since I'm into these fantasy novels with angels, I decided to read it anyway. Admittedly, it felt slow paced and lacked an actual plot, in my opinion. Aside for their love story, I didn't get the actual purpose of what Alexia's gift actually is. Of how she's supposed to actually use it and why Gabriel was really sent for, not as a temporary boyfriend.

All the thrill and excitement came at the end, and even I actually got this book after having it mistaken for another one I was supposed to get. All the thrill and excitement came at the end, and even then it felt like something was missing. Nice read, though. I'm all for self-publishing authors.

Promote your talents and passion. Awesome Book!

THE HALO CHRONICLES: The Guardian by Carey Corp, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

I stayed up until am reading Great story. I love this author. Gave you read Doon? Jun 12, Gerd rated it it was ok Shelves: dnf.

For a start, it's not Yoda. But you knew that, right?

She makes a blatant show of it. She does learn better towards the end, though, I believe. Nov 25, Ayla rated it really liked it. I read it in the span of about seven hours, which is strange because it's only pages or so. I found myself not wanting to finish it because I saw the rather dire ending coming, and I couldn't bear to suffer through that emotional turmoil. Which leads me to my next point. It's amazing how much time and effort was put into the character development, in Alex, especially. I feel like I watched her Alrighty I was saddened by Derrick's situation and enraged by the antagonist's actions.

I sympathized with the main characters and felt like I actually grew and strengthened right along side Alex. It's funny how, in the beginning, she thought she was independent and all, but only by depending on someone else one of her greatest fears she obtained real independence and became who she was meant to be; the true essence of herself. Now, one thing of note. Or maybe two.

These are the reasons this book got four stars instead of five. And when I say horrendous, I don't mean a few blips here and there, I mean every page was riddled with some of the most butchered words I've ever seen in a published book. And it's strange, because some of the words in there were ones I had to actually look up in a dictionary, yet simple words like "pantry" were often misspelled.

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  7. The author misspelled "pantry" in one instance and instead put "panty". Aren't these the type of errors that should make any editor curl up in the fetal position and suck their thumb like a baby? Also, one more thing. Hated it.