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The star of 75 books still accounts for annual sales of around 80, classic cartoon volumes and 40, educational books. Every child grows up with Globi because the grandparents or parents did," Gisela Klinkenberg, head of the Globi publishing house, told swissinfo. After hatching in the Sahara, he takes to the skies and spying a party he dives downwards — only to fall on his beak in the middle of rural Switzerland.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland -- Chapter III

The rest, as they say, is history The reality is more mundane. Globi was created by Globus, a Swiss chain of department stores, for its 25th anniversary in The aim was to appeal to children — and it worked. At first a human-sized Globi would appear at events and he had a comic strip in the Globus magazine. Then due to popular demand the first book appeared in This led nine years later to the creation of the Globi publishing house. The millionth book was sold in Globi's adventures, in German, although nine have also been translated into French, have seen the psittacine star travel the world, go into space and appear on the silver screen.

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But he has not forgotten his adopted home: he has also met Swiss folk hero William Tell, worked as a farmer and done his military service. Globi's appearance may have moved with the times — he is now taller and slimmer — but his character has remained the same, "He was always very helpful and curious and interested in a lot of things and he still is," said Klinkenberg. But Globi has not always been flying so high. In the s some of the books came under fire for showing racist stereotypes — such as the black Africans in the first book, "Globi's journey around the world".

He was accused of being sexist and violent. All offending editions have since been withdrawn or changed.

The Adventures of C. H. Mouse

In his latest adventure, Globi helps a baby rhinoceros settle back into the wild in Africa. He has also made a foray into educational books, so children can study cooking or German with Globi — and presumably repeat what they learn parrot fashion. Fans can also buy T-shirts, pyjamas and even Globi non-alcoholic champagne. However, despite all this domestic success the little blue parrot has not managed to spread his wings abroad.

Klinkenberg thinks this might be because Globi was born around the Second World War, when the borders were closed. She explained a few attempts were made in the post-war period to crack the United States market, but Globi did not catch on. Globi stamp issued. The task of creating Globi in fell to the newly appointed head of Globus's publicity, Ignatius Karl Schiele, and illustrator Robert Lips. At first they wanted to name their creation Kimbukku, but there were objections.

Move the plant to get a key.

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Read the entry in the guest book and open the curtains to see the ski lift. Use the binoculars to look through the window. You can now see numbers on each of the chairs on the chair lift. It goes:.

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Use the key to open the cabinet and get a controller. Look at the fruit basket. Count the fruits:. Uncover the suitcase.

The Pool of Tears

Pick up the game controller and the Christmas lights. Move the rug aside to reveal an outlet.

Also, look at the photo album. It shows a picture of a hockey player in a Whales jersey with the number 9 on it.


Use the key to open the suitcase and look inside. Move the jacket aside to see two jerseys — one for the Polar Bears that says 2 and one for the Leopards that says 5. Remember the guest book? It said Whale, then Polar Bear, then Leopards. So put the numbers from those jerseys in order and you get Go back downstairs and enter into the padlock to open the door. Go through. Look around the room.