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[The Second Maiden's Tragedy]
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All that long Russian winter Snegurochka romped and played with the other children. Everyone loved her.

She, Ivan and Maria were very happy. Then one day, when the first signs of spring appeared, Snegurochka came to Ivan and Maria, and with tear-filled eyes told them that she must go away, up North to the land of snow. They begged her to stay. Upset, Ivan jumped up and shut the door to the hut so the snowmaiden couldn't leave, and Maria hugged her tight. But as she held the little girl, the child melted away.

Ivan and Maria wept bitterly. All spring and summer they were lonely. Summer turned into fall and fall into winter and once again it was cold and icy outside. One night a familiar voice was heard. Open the door! The snow has brought me back once more! All that winter she lived with them and played with the other village children. But in the spring she had to go back North, whence she had come.

This time Ivan and Maria did not weep, knowing she would return once more when winter appeared on the land. And so it was that the snowmaiden brought warmth and joy to Ivan and Maria during the long, cold, Russian winter for many, many, many years. The Snow Maiden Snegurochka.

It has been winter for fifteen years because the Sun God is angry that Frost and Spring have had a daughter together: Snegurochka. Now on the verge of adulthood, she decides to escape the cold and lonely forest and join the world of the mortals. She seeks solace in the arms of Lel.

André Bertel's Karate-Do

Meanwhile Snegurochka begs her mother to grant her the capacity for human love and warmth. At a mass spring wedding, Snegurochka professes her love for Mizgir as a ray of sun strikes her and she melts away.

The Sun God is appeased by her death and all celebrate the coming of spring. Kolobok Dough-Boy. Old woman put Kolobok on the window sill to cool.

IPPON - Definition and synonyms of Ippon in the German dictionary

Kolobok looked around, jumped off and ran away Kolobok rolled along and met the Rabbit. In the oven I was baked, on the window sill cooled. From old man I ran away, from old woman too.

I will run away from you. I ran away from Rabbit and will run away from you. I ran away from Rabbit and Wolf and will run away from you. As he rolled along, Kolobok saw the Fox. I ran away from Rabbit, Wolf and Bear, and will run away from you. Too bad I am hard of hearing. Come closer and sing for me again, so I can hear better.

Kolobok climbed closer, and as he began to sing. Sadko played the gusli on the shores of a lake. The Sea Tsar appeared to express his gratitude. On the Tsar's advice, Sadko made a bet with the local merchants about a certain fish in the lake; then he caught it, and the merchants had to pay the bet, making Sadko a rich merchant. Sadko traded on the seas with his new wealth, but one day, his ships stopped in the sea and would not move. He and his sailors tried to appease the Sea Tsar with gold, but finally Sadko had to jump into the sea. He played the gusli for the Sea Tsar, who offered him, already married man, a new bride.

On advice, he took the last maiden in a long line, and lay down beside her. He woke up on the shore and rejoined his wife. This tale attracted the attention of several authors in 19th century with the rise of the Slavophile movement and served as a basis for a number of derived works. Ruslan and Ludmila. Ruslan and Ludmila is a poem by Alexander Pushkin, published in It is written as an epic fairy tale consisting of a dedication, six "songs" or "cantos", and an epilogue.

Bound to the tree by a golden chain is a story-telling cat. Prince Vladimir of Kiev celebrates the marriage of his daughter, Ludmila, to the bold warrior Ruslan. On their wedding night, as Ruslan prepares to consummate the marriage, a strange presence fills the bedroom, accompanied by thunder and lightning.

Translation of «Karate» into 25 languages

Ruslan finds that his bride has mysteriously vanished. Ruslan and his three rivals set off on horseback. Ruslan encounters an old man in a cavern who tells him that Ludmila had been abducted by the long bearded sorcerer Chernomor, and that Ruslan would find her unharmed. The brave knight Ruslan had to face all the challenges and obstacles to find and rescue her. Golden Cockerel.

Pushkin's tale is set in the land of Tsar Dadon, who is looking for a new method to protect his rich kingdom. He offers the reward of the person's choice in return for finding a perfect security system. He is disappointed when he tries several different techniques, but at last there appears an astrologer, who seems to have the answer.

e-book Technikhandbuch Karate: Das Kihon-Buch (German Edition)

The astrologer gives him a Golden Cockerel, which will crow any time that the Kingdom is endangered. The astrologer then chooses not to claim his reward immediately, but to wait until he can decide what he would like. The magic Cockerel proves to be the perfect protection for Tsar Dadon's kingdom. The Cockerel ends up crowing three times. The first time he crows, an enemy army is advancing towards Tsar Dadon's land. The Tsar sends his elder son and his mighty army to fight the enemy.

The tsardom is saved, but the Tsar's son and army never return. The Cockerel crows the second time as another army is advancing to capture Dadon's land. This time he sends his younger son and an army into battle. But once again, though the kingdom is spared, neither the son nor the army ever returns. The Cockerel then crows the third time, sounding the alarm that yet a third army is planning to invade. This time, Dadon himself leads an army to the farthest borders of the kingdom. Arriving there, he is horrified at what he discovers.

All along the border of his land are strewn out the dead bodies of his soldiers that he had sent into battle. He also finds the slaughtered bodies of his two sons. Tsar Dadon is then overcome with sickness and grief. He walks into a tent to sit down, and there his sadness is lifted when he sees a most beautiful sight! Before him stands the seductive Queen of Shemakha. Dadon immediately falls in love with her, and plans to marry her once they return to his castle.

But on the way home they encounter the Astrologer who has decided that he would like to claim the enchanting Queen for himself, as his reward. He not only denies the Astrologer his reward, but also kills him. The Golden Cockerel then flies down from his perch and pecks Dadon to death for not keeping his end of the bargain. The Scarlet Flower. Once upon a time in a far away land, a merchant was preparing to set out on a long journey. This merchant had three daughters, and he asked all of them what they would like as gifts for themselves when he returned from his voyage.

The first daughter requested a golden crown, and the second one wanted a crystal mirror. The third daughter asked only for "the little scarlet flower. The merchant set out on his journey. It did not take him very long to find a beautiful golden crown and a fine crystal mirror. He had difficulty, however, finding the third gift, the scarlet flower. He searched everywhere, and eventually his search led him into a magical forest. Deep within these woods there was situated a palace, in whose courtyard grew a beautiful flower.

As the merchant drew closer to the flower, he realized what it was--the scarlet flower. Cautiously, the merchant picked the flower that his youngest daughter wanted so badly. Upon picking the scarlet flower, he was confronted by a hideous beast, who demanded that in return for picking the flower the merchant must send one of his daughters deep into the enchanted forest to live with the beast forever.

Upon receiving the scarlet flower, the merchant's youngest daughter agreed to go to the beast. She journeyed alone into the forest and found the castle where she would dwell forever. For a time, she lived there very happily. The beast had not revealed himself to her, and showered her daily with kindness and gifts.

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She started to grow quite fond of her invisible keeper, and one day asked that he show himself. The beast reluctantly gave into her plea, and just as he had feared, she recoiled in terror at the site of him.