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  1. Memorial Day: Remembering Noble Sacrifices
  2. Love, Sacrifice, Regret, and Resentment • Psych N Sex
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  4. We dishonor the sacrifices of veterans when the freedom they fought for is denied at home

Memorial Day: Remembering Noble Sacrifices

They have been paid for by the blood of our countrymen and by sacrifice. During World War II, people bought war bonds and did everything they could to support the troops and their families and to stay united. Nobody cried about paying higher taxes because the people understood what sacrifice is all about. Republicans and tea party members claim they love freedom, but they let others do the sacrificing for them. Hall County is just a microcosm of what's going on around the country, from Wisconsin, Minnesota and Wall Street to Washington.

What Sacrifice Means - Jordan Peterson

The haves horde up all the money, don't pay their fair share of taxes and take from the middle class and poor. When they are asked to pay their fair share, to sacrifice for their community and country, they refuse to do so and claim that we're socialist to even suggest that they pay their fair share. That is why I support the FairTax. It is time to stop.

It is time to stop allowing law enforcement officers to break the law and not be treated the same as civilians who break the law. It is time someone reevaluates how we investigate polices for the used of force by police, and how that force is deployed. Our laws and court decisions continue to allow these unconstitutional actions to occur with impunity.

It is time that we speak to our elected officials with our vote on election day. It is time we speak with our pocketbooks and wallets to the owners of professional sports teams who tell us that freedom of speech does not apply to the professional athletes who they profit from. At some point our society will understand clearly that the work we have done is not enough. We will acknowledge that money is more important than free speech. We will finally admit the truth that black lives do not matter.

Love, Sacrifice, Regret, and Resentment • Psych N Sex

We will be honest that the playing field in life between races is just as uneven as the NFL playing field is between the owners and the players. Silence is not the answer. Acceptance of the status quo is not acceptable. Continued vigilance is what we need.

On dreaming big

Courage to speak truth to power is what we need. As long we silence voices of dissent nothing changes and progress is an illusion. As a black man in Milwaukee, this is my daily reality. I served my country in the armed forces in defense of its freedom.

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But like so many who share the color of my skin, that freedom remains elusive and an unfulfilled contract with America. I can only hope that someday my white brothers and sisters will wake up to it. And with that awareness will finally come action.

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In-your-face racism is back with a vengeance because it never left. We dishonor the sacrifices of veterans when the freedom they fought for is denied at home Posted by Reggie Jackson May 28, Columns , Featured , Reggie Jackson.

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    We dishonor the sacrifices of veterans when the freedom they fought for is denied at home

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